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Ireland Phone Use Information

Dialing the correct number in Ireland can be a frustrating experience unless you know the procedure. Below we have listed the five different ways you may need to place calls. Area codes in Ireland are called STD codes. Please note this information is for the republic of Ireland, not Northern Ireland where calls are handled the same way as in the UK.

1. From the UK, add at the beginning of the phone number: 00353. Example: dial 00353 049 854 4070 (Cavan County Museum). This number includes the “area” code and local number which follows the international code 00353.

2. From North America, dial the international access code 011, then add Ireland’s country code 353, then the “area” code (without its 0) and then the local number. Example: 011 353 49 854 4070 (Notice the first 0 has been dropped from the “area” code.)

3. From within Ireland dial the number as it is usually written, that is dial 0 and the “area” code followed by the local phone number. Example: dial 049 854 4070

4. When dialing from within the county, eliminate the 0 and the “area” code at the beginning of the number. Example: dial 854 4070.

5. To call North America from Ireland dial 00 (access code) followed by 1 (country code) followed by the area code and local number you are trying to reach in North America.

Dublin’s code is 01; Galway’s code is 091. Pay phones in Ireland use either coins or call cards.

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