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Dartmoor's new local food and drink map online

A new food and drink directory for Dartmoor has been launched with the aim of linking communities with producers in their local area. Go to Food and Drink Map

The aim is to celebrate the range of local food and encourage people to support local businesses.

The food and drink map shows around 60 outlets and where you can find them. As well as local meat and vegetables the directory also includes suppliers of honey, ale and chillies.

Beef and mutton producer, Judy Dodd from near Moretonhampstead, said: “I think the directory is a great opportunity to promote local food produced within the National Park.

“It’s wonderful to develop a relationship with a local customer and to be able to share our farming calendar with someone that knows and appreciates the landscape.”

Under the current restrictions of the COVID-19 outbreak, the directory is focused on businesses who have dedicated retail premises or are able to offer home delivery. As the national recovery effort continues, and lockdown restrictions are eased, it is hoped the range will be updated and expanded.

Many of the suppliers are involved in schemes to enhance Dartmoor’s biodiversity and landscape, and this link will be highlighted too so people can understand the journey from farm to fork.

The project is coordinated by the Dartmoor Hill Farm Project, set up in 2003, which works to support farmers in their work. It runs a wide range of initiatives to add value to their businesses and increase vocational skills.

It is hosted by the Dartmoor National Park Authority and receives support and funding from the Duchy of Cornwall.

Hill Farm Project Chairman Russell Ashford said: “We have seen a definite increase in demand for local food due to the Covid-19 lockdown which is an unexpected but a positive development.

“As someone who retails directly I know that buying local strengthens the relationship between the producer and consumer, and benefits the environment."

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