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Cotswold Wildlife Park debuts its first Binturong breeding success

Coconut courtesy the Wildlife Park We have some great news to share - while we're still on lockdown, and visitors are unable to physically visit the Park to see the cub with their own eyes, for the first time in our history, news of our latest arrival will be announced via social media. Saturday 9th May is World Binturong Day – a worldwide event to raise awareness for this rare and endangered mammal.

This year keepers had hoped to share some exciting news with visitors at the Park: for the first time in its fifty-year history, a Binturong cub has been born at the collection. It seemed rather fitting to announce the new arrival on World Binturong Day but, due to the Park being temporarily closed to the public no one can visit.

Coconut with mother Himala courtesy the Wildlife Park The youngster is the first breeding success from the Park’s adult Binturong pair, Dobby and Himala. They were introduced to each other in 2018 and soon formed a strong bond.

Late in 2019, their cub was born in seclusion inside the nest box where she spent several weeks out of sight. As time went by, she eventually emerged from her nest box and began exploring her heated indoor home under the watchful eye of her parents. Just as she started to venture out into the exhibit’s outdoor area, lockdown was announced.

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