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HAVE FUN FOR RIVERS--Take up the 2.6 Challenge for Thames21

Why not have some fun, break up the monotony of lockdown life, and help to celebrate and protect our rivers. Take up the 2.6 Challenge for Thames21 and help us protect and celebrate Londonís rivers.

All over London people are coming up with creative ways to support our precious blue/green spaces, whether it's by walking 26 miles, juggling for 26 seconds with 2.6 pieces of fruit, or running up stairs 26 times.

Our very own fundraising manager Alison Archer has conscripted her family to collectively cover 2.6 marathons along their local waterway and also got them to run in costume.

Here are some suggestions of challenges you could try:
1. Walk 2.6k along your local river (at a safe distance).
2. Run an online quiz about your local river/Londonís rivers.
3. Run 26k as a household group over the course of a week.
4. Spend the day dressed up as a wildlife species found in/beside our rivers.
5. Challenge your friends to name 26 things that live in around your local river/wetland for a donation.

For a flavour of what people are getting up to go to

To sign up to take part go to

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