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Celebrating Wordsworth's 250th Birth Anniversary and a new brand

On 7 April it is the 250th anniversary of William Wordsworth's birth and celebrations are planned for the whole of 2020. The redevelopment project, Reimagining Wordsworth, is due to finish in phases throughout the year, with Dove Cottage itself re-opening on 7 April. As is to be expected from such an important year, there is lots of news to share.

Introducing Wordsworth Grasmere:

New brand courtesy Wordsworth Trust A new brand takes over from Dove Cottage and the Wordsworth Museum in time for the grand reopening in April. The aim is to inspire a love of Wordsworth’s poetry through his own words in the very place they were written, surrounded by the landscape that inspired him. This is at the heart of the new name and visual identity.

The new logo is designed with the purpose of preserving Wordsworth’s heritage and his innovative approach to poetry. Classic and contemporary are brought together through a bespoke set of characters initially inspired by Baskerville, the typeface designed by John Baskerville and used to print the first Wordsworth editions.

The unique ligature connecting the ‘s’ and ‘w’ is developed from a specific typeface addition that Wordsworth requested in a printed edition of Lyrical Ballads. It feels like a perfect tribute to his meticulous approach to altering and perfecting his work.

The colours of the new identity come directly from the Lake District landscape and the changing seasons, while mirroring the contrasts of light and shade in the paintings of the Romantic period.

A unique set of patterns was created from mixing together water and ink to reflect the process of writing a poem. In these marks you can imagine lakes, forests, clouds and lichen – to name a few.

The Wordsworth 250 Website:

The Wordsworth 250 website is a guide to Wordsworth related events across the UK. If you are looking for a walk, a talk, or even a concert, this is the place to visit.
You are also invited to add your own events: a reading of Wordsworth's poetry in a community space, inviting people to a poetry-themed coffee morning, or anything else that you can dream up. This is the perfect place to share your event with like-minded people. To have a look go to Use the hashtag #Wordsworth250 on Twitter to share your activities.

Our 2020 Poets in Residence:

The 2020 Poets in Residence are Anna Selby, Rommi Smith, and Suji Kwock Kim.
Anna Selby will be coming in February and is looking forward to "being a little wild and making poems while exploring tangents and lakes, writing on my packraft while swimming."

Rommi Smith is Poet in Residence for April. She is interested in "Drawing a line between the library-based archive to the outdoors. I’m fascinated by Wordsworth’s creative processes as much as his final, published poems. The role of walking and the Grasmere landscape in shaping his poetic imagination and ours."

Suji Kwock Kim, May Poet in Residence, will engage with the landscape to "link the creativity of other literatures and cultures with that of Britain and to link the creativity of the past with the present and future."

Anna Selby's Poet in Residence Reading is on 26 February at 7.30pm. Dates of the other Poet in Residence readings and more details will be announced soon. Keep an eye on the social media and events page to be the first to book onto these free events.

New Café:

The new Café is the perfect place to enjoy locally sourced food and delicious drinks while catching up with friends, relaxing after a long walk or beginning your next creative work. Open: Friday-Tuesday, 11am-4pm. Dogs welcome.

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