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Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens Animals Enjoy Treats in the Heat

Lemur with ice lolly With temperatures rising rapidly, we've been keeping our animals cool with delicious ice enrichments (homemade by keepers) and slices of ice-cold refreshing watermelon.

Chris Kibbey, Section Head of Primates and Small Mammals at Cotswold Wildlife Park explained: "Itís hot, hot, hot here in the Cotswolds, and keepers have to be prepared to keep themselves and the animals under their care cool. As always we ensure all animals have access to adequate shade and plenty of water, but with the predicted record temperatures forecast it also allows us to be a little inventive with our enrichment.

Some of the animals have been cooling themselves down by taking a splash and wallowing in their watering holes and pools, especially the Capybaras (also known as 'water horses') and penguins.

Lemur with watermelon The Lemurs enjoyed slices of cooling watermelon and frozen fruit lollies (made with natural ingredients of course), hung in the aptly named Monkey Puzzle Tree.

The Meerkats also enjoyed some watermelon, with alpha male Marley dominating most of it.

Gomez and Lollie the Tapirs enjoyed a frozen pear and melon treat, and even the Binturong had some refreshing melon.

The keepers are currently decimating the stocks of ice cream and orange lollies from the Gift Shop."

Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens
Burford, Oxfordshire, OX18 4JP
Tel: 07787 133837

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