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Lost Gardens of Heligan Summer Buzz now to 1 September

Heligan Summer Buzz would like to invite you into The Lost Gardens to immerse yourself within our glorious garden flowers and wildflower meadows.

Breathe in sweet summer scents and tune into Heligan's summer insects, learn about the importance of our bees and butterflies and wonder at pollination happening right before your eyes.

Connect to your senses, as we invite you to explore the magnificent Heligan Estate using your Summer Buzz booklet, which highlights sensory abundant moments. Learn about nature and what you can do at home to welcome pollinating insects and why theyíre important, plus enjoy creative crafts to keep you busy during the summer holidays.

For the passionate pollinators, wander down to East Lawn, where you will find pollination activities for the whole family.

Dance to the beat of nature in Heliganís first ever truly immersive Bugtastic Outdoor Silent Disco (£2 per person). Flit, float, swoop and dance like a butterfly, or switch channels to wiggle, jiggle and shake like a bee!

Take aim like a bee and throw your pollen balls into the safety of your honeycomb.

Create your own pollinator wrist band choosing either a bee or a butterfly, peacock, red admiral, buff-bumble, or something entirely new.

Try your hand at pollination and buzz around like a bee or flit like a butterfly to see how many giant plants and flowers you can pollinate.

Explore insects in our macro photography mini exhibition. Can you tell what you see from just an eye, a wing, or a stripe?

Test your sense of smell and see if you have what it takes to be a bee as you try to identify different flowers by their scent. For those who want to know more, you are invited to join our wildlife expert as she speaks about bumblebees and their importance to the world around us.

While youíre here, run, jump, crawl and slide over our new East Lawn play space which has increased in size once again. The Heligan Maintenance Team have been super busy over the last few months and canít wait for you to enjoy their handy work.

Whatever your passion there is something for all abilities at Heliganís Summer Buzz. Just remember to grab a booklet and pack your best spots, dots and stripes ready for your perfect summer adventure.

All activities, unless otherwise mentioned, are included in garden entry.

Time: 10am-4pm

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