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Tatton Park Lambing Week 6-14 April

Lambing Week at the Farm
6 - 14 April
visitors to the farm during Lambing Week (from Saturday 8th April to Monday 17th April) can expect to see many woolly new arrivals as the ewes have been synchronised to give birth within a 10-day period. There will be regular farm fact talks as visitors 'meet the sheep'.

The Mansion re-opens for high season:
This year immerse yourself in exhibitions throughout the Mansion. Follow the story of the Costume Ball held here in 1897 and see who was invited, what they wore and learn about the vast quantities of food needed to feed the guests, much of it sourced from the estate.

Take in the last Lord Egertonís legacy in Kenya, a place he visited regularly. His farm holdings are explored throughout an exhibition which also sheds light on a wonderful farming legacy and it's impact today.

Step into Spring in the Parkland:
Take advantage of longer-lasting daylight and discover Winter turning to Spring throughout our 1000 acre Parkland. A highlight is the 'Field to Fork' trail - designed by our Rangers to give insights into the huge variety of food this historic estate provides - both in the past and in the present.

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