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Museum of London Events in January

London Folktales for Children
Sat 26 Jan, 12-4pm
Museum of London
Celebrate the launch of the book ‘London Folktales for Children’ with a magical day of storytelling, music and song. Discover folktales from London’s past and present, sing London songs and explore what it means to be a Londoner through interactive storytelling sessions and performances.

Enjoy our interactive exhibits
Museum of London Docklands
Our galleries are now bursting with exciting new interactive exhibits and games which are perfect for teaching the little ones about London's Docklands in a fun way.
Build a bridge, create a story with our magnet wall, or see if you're tough enough to lift the barrow of our tread wheel, just like Londoners used to unload ships centuries ago.

Become a morning explorer
Enjoy a series of free events with an informal atmosphere in which to explore the museum, sensitive to the needs of children with autistic spectrum conditions. Discover fascinating objects and take part in relaxed family activities.
Siblings and children with other types of SEND are very welcome. These early openings will take place in February, April, June & August.

Discover Londinium
Museum of London
Discover how Londinium came to life and what daily life was like in the city 2000 years ago.
The Romans built the city where London now stands, bridging the Thames and creating Londinium. From around AD 50 to 410, this was the largest city in Britannia and a vital international port.

Learn about the Great Fire of 1666
Museum of London
The Great Fire of London is one of the most well-known disasters in London’s history. It began on 2 September 1666 and lasted just under five days. One-third of London was destroyed. Learn about what happened, the causes and how London was rebuilt in our War, Plague and Fire gallery.

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