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Touring Tipperary (South)

See also Tipperary (North)

Tipperary town main street by Graham Horn courtesy Geograph Britain and Ireland Tipperary, on the river Ara in the Golden Vale, is a dairy farming centre. The town has a heritage centre with exhibitions. The Tipperary Excel Centre provides a number of tourist amenities that include an interpretive centre (the past and present of the town), a gallery, a tourist information centre, a shop, and an internet café. In addition they have theatre and cinema productions.

Glen of Aherlow by Kevin Higgins courtesy Geograph Britain and Ireland Galtee Mountain view by Christopher Higgins courtesy Geograph Britain and Ireland Drive south of Tipperary through the Glen of Aherlow, 16 miles of countryside that encompasses the valley of the Aherlow River and the Galtee Mountains with their five corrie lakes. There are many early Christian medieval sites in the valley, one of which is the now ruined Moor Abbey in Galbally village. The Glen of Aherlow Nature Park, 50 acres of woodland, has walking trails.

Rock of Cashel by Barbara Ballard Rock of Cashel by Barbara Ballard East of Tipperary is the heritage town of Cashel. Its outstanding feature is the Rock of Cashel, a limestone outcrop 200 feet high and 200 acres wide, on top of which is a collection of ecclesiastical ruins. The group of medieval buildings include a 12th century round tower, a High Cross, a Romanesque Chapel, a 13th century Gothic cathedral, and the restored Hall of the Vicars Choral. An AV show, museum, and exhibitions give all the details. The Rock was the seat of the kings of Munster until 1101. Bru Boru National Heritage Centre at the foot of the Rock of Cashel is a cultural village with a restaurant and folk theatre, craft centre, information centre, and traditional Irish music in the summer.

Cashel main street by P L Chadwick courtesy Geograph Britain and Ireland Cashel folk village by P L Chadwick courtesy Geograph Britain and Ireland The Cashel Heritage Centre on Main Street has changing exhibitions on the town and a shop with local crafts. They also offer guided walking tours. The Cashel Folk Village is a group of reconstructed traditional buildings with collectins of historical memorabiia. Bothan Scoir is a 17th century stone cottage. The Cashel Palace Gardens are home to a Palladian mansion (now a hotel). There are two cathedrals in Cashel, a Roman Catholic one built in the first half of the 19th century and an Anglican one constructed a half-century before. The Bolton library in the cathedral grounds was built in 1836 and houses antiquarian and rare books and manuscripts.

Hore Abbey by Barbara Ballard Athassel abbey ruins by P L Chadwick courtesy Geograph Britain and Ireland West of Cashel are the ruins of the late 13th century Hore Abbey. It was the last Cistercian abbey founded in medieval Ireland.The abbey had a cruciform Gothic chuch, a tower, a square cloister, and living quarters. Five miles from Cashel on the banks of the River Suir are the extensive ruins of 12th century Athassel abbey. It was built by William Fitz-Aldhelm de Burgho for the Augustinians.The central tower of the church and its nave and chancel walls are the best preserved of the site.

Cahir castle by Barbara Ballard South of Cashel is the heritage Quaker town of Cahir, on the banks of the river Suir. The town has a 19th century square, historical buildings, and a riverside park. The Tipperary Heritage Way is a series of walks. 15/16th century Cahir castle (well preserved) is built on the ruins of a 12th century castle. It is one of Ireland’s largest castles and has a stormy past. On offer are an AV show and exhibitions.

Swiss cottage by Barbara Ballard The Swiss cottage at Kilcommon, Cahir, was built in early the 1800s by the 1st Earl of Glengall. It copied a design by John Nash. The roof is thatched and woodwork on the exterior was designed to look like tree branches. The interesting interior is by guided tour only. It has a spiral staircase and Parisian wallpaper. Mid-way between Cahir and Mitchelstown is a show cave with three caverns that have drip stone formations, stalactities, stalagmites, and calcite columns. Mitchelstown is a dairy centre.

Clonmel old courthouse  by Nigel Cox courtesy Geograph Britain and Ireland The large town of Clonmel, on the river Suir, is the capital of South Tipperary. A 17th bridge crosses the river and the three islands in it to the opposite bank. The South Tipperary County Museum informs with its exhibitions of the town history, archaeology, photography and more. The Main Guard is a former courthouse, now restored. The tourist office has a brochure of a town heritage trail.

Comeragh mountains by Humphrey Bolton courtesy Geograph Britain and Ireland St Mary’s church dates from 1500 but is much restored. It incorporates former town walls in its churchyard. Greyhound racing is one of the town’s attractions. The Museum of Transport has a collection of early motor vehicles and cars as well as motoring automobilia. South-east of the town are the Comeragh Mountains. A circular scenic drive through the mountains provides views of the area.

Fethard town wall by Humphrey Bolton courtesy Geograph Britain and Ireland Fethard castle by Mike Searle courtesy Geograph Britain and Ireland Fethard, north of Clonmel is a medieval walled town. It was founded c 1200. The original walls, most likely of wood, were replaced with stone ones in 1376. They protected the town from the lawlessness abounding at the time. Holy Trinity church in Main Street is one of largest medieval parish churches in Ireland with a 13th century nave and 15th century crenellated tower. The town hall dates from 1608. Fethard Castle, located in the center of town, is a 15th century tower house.

Fethard Augustinian abbey by Humphrey Bolton courtesy Geograph Britain and Ireland A 14th century Augustinian priory has 16th and 17th century tombs. Sections of the 14th century town wall are still in place. In 1650 Cromwell’s troops occupied it. In 1820 it became a church again, after which the west tower was taken down and the front of the church rebuilt. The Folk Farm and Transport Museum, in a former railway station near the town walls, has more than 1200 exhibits of a rural and domestic nature including horse drawn carriages. It also has a café, picnic area, playground, and a market/boot sale on Sundays.

Ahenny High Cross by Liam Murphy courtesy Geograph Britain and Ireland Carrick-on-Suir has a clock tower from the late 18th century and a seven arched bridge of the 15th century. The square keep of 15th century Ormond castle sits by the Ormond mansion in parkland. It is considered the best Elizabethan manor house in Ireland and is best known for its decorative plasterwork. It also has a long gallery. In a former church is a heritage centre with local artefacts and gravestones of interest. North of Carrick-on-Suir at Ahenny are two carved High Crosses.

The southern county line between Tipperary and Waterford bisects the Knockmealdown Mountains, once the habitat of wolves and eagles.

Tipperary South Attractions

Athassel abbey
Golden, five miles from Cashel

Ballyknockane Lodge Arboretum
Ballypatrick, Clonmel
Tel. 0 52 33 234

Bru Boru National Heritage Centre
At foot of Rock of Cashel, Cashel

Cahir Castle
Tel. 052 744 1011

Carrick-on-Sir Heritage Centre
Main Street, Carrick-on-Sir
Tel. 051 640 200

Cashel Folk Village
Dominick St, Cashel
Tel. 062 62 63 601

Cashel Heritage Centre
Town Hall, Main St, Cashel
Tel. 0 62 62 511

Fethard Augustinian Abbey

Fethard castle

Folk Farm and Transport Museum
Fethard, in former railway station near town walls
Tel. 0 52 31 516

Glen of Aherlow Nature Park

Hore Abbey
Tel. 0 46 948 1793

Main Guard Building
Sarsfield St, Clonmel
Tel. 0 52 612 7484

Mitchelstown Caves
Burncourt, Cahir
Tel. 0 52 7467 246
Web: Mitchelstown Caves

Museum of Transport
Gortnafleur Business Park, Waterford Rd, Clonmel
Tel. 052 612 9727

Ormond Castle
Castle Park by Castle Street, Carrick-on-Sir
Tel. 0 51 64 0787

Rock of Cashel
Tel. 062 61 437

South Tipperary County Museum
Mick Delahunty Square, Clonmel
Tel. 0 52 613 4550

Swiss Cottage
Kilcommon, Cahir
Tel. 0 52 744 1144

Tipperary Excel Centre
Mitchell St, Tipperary
Tel. 0 62 805 50
Web: Tipperary Excel Centre

Tipperary (South) Tourist Information Centres

Cahir Tourist Information Centre
Castle Car Park
Cahir, County Tipperary
Tel. 052 41453
Open: March to Oct

Carrick-on-Suir Community Tourist Office
Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary
Tel. 051 640200

Cashel Tourist Information Centre
Cashel Heritage Centre
Cashel, County Tipperary
Tel. 062 61333
Open: May to Sep

Clonmel Community Tourist Office
Clonmel, County Tipperary
Tel. 052 22960

Tipperary Town Community Tourist Office
County Tipperary
Tel. 062 51457

Official Town websites:
Cashel: Cashel
Tipperary: Tipperary Town

Photos of Rock of Cashel, Hore abbey, Cahir castle, Swiss cottage © by Barbara Ballard

Other photos courtesy Geograph Britain and Ireland as follows:
Tipperary town main street by Graham Horn; Glen of Aherlow by Kevin Higgins; Galtee Mountain view by Christopher Higgins; Cashel main street, Cashel folk village, Athassel abbey ruins by P L Chadwick; Clonmel old courthouse by Nigel Cox; Fethard Augustinian abbey, Fethard town wall, Comeragh mountains by Humphrey Bolton; Fethard castle by Mike Searle; Ahenny High Cross by Liam Murphy

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