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Touring Tipperary (North)

See also Tipperary (South)

Nenagh church by Stephen Elwyn Roddick courtesy Geograph Ireland Nenagh, with a population of over 6000, is the administrative area for the northern part of Tipperary. An old jail houses a heritage centre across from which is ruined Nenagh castle with a four-storey keep. The Governorís House is a local museum. The walls of a 13th century Franciscan friary are the only sign of its former existence.

Silvermine Mountains viewpoint of Nenagh by Adrian King courtesy Geograph Ireland Arra mountain view of Lough Derg by Elaine Cox courtesy Geograph Ireland South of the town are the Silvermines mountains. Their name comes from their silver, lead, and zinc mines. Rear Cross, in the Silvermines, has a unique village church, and in the area are 20 prehistoric tombs. South of these mountains are the Slieve Felim Mountains with a 23-mile walking route. To the west are the Arra Mountains, another walking route, and Lough Derg, one of Irelandís largest lakes (32,000 acres). South of the Arra Mountains at the tip of Lough Derg is Ballina, a listed heritage town.

Terryglass Castle by dougf courtesy Geograph Ireland Terryglass harbour by Kieran Campbell courtesy Geograph Ireland Terryglass is an attractive lakeside village, winning Irelandís tidiest town awards. Boats are launched on Lough Derg from its marina on the quay. The abbey ruins and old Norman castle are privately owned. The pleasant village of Puckaun has traditional cottages and a craft shop.

Garrykennedy Harbour by P L Chadwick courtesy Geograph Ireland Garrykennedy castle by P L Chadwick courtesy Geograph Ireland Lorrha Abbey and Castle, close to Terryglass, is surrounded by the remains of a wall. East of the castle is a Cromwellian farmhouse. Garrykennedy, on the shores of Lough Derg, is an unspoiled fishing and boating village with traditional Irish music in the pub. Small remains of a 15th century fortified tower house sit beside the water. Wooded walks provide recreational activity.

Roscrea castle by Mike Searle courtesy Geograph Ireland Roscrea Damer House by Mike Searle courtesy Geograph Ireland On the edge of the county border, Roscrea is an historic town with a heritage trail on offer. Roscrea castle, constructed in 1280, has lost all but its gate tower and some curtain walls. 18th century Damer House is south of the castle. Its owner was, in the early 1700s, the richest man in Ireland. The house was used as a bishopís residence and military barracks after his death in 1720.

Roscrea round tower by Joseph Mischyshyn courtesy Geograph Ireland Roscrea parish church by Graham Horn courtesy Geograph Ireland St Cronanís Church of Ireland church (1812) and Round Tower are on Castle Street. The church tower is a remnant of an 1100 Augustinian priory, founded in the early 7th century and destroyed several times. The doorway and 12th century high cross have carvings. Another tower is from a late 15th century Franciscan friary and forms the entrance to St Cronanís Catholic churchyard. One of St Cronanís monasteries is a couple of miles from the town. The remains include a church, a cross, and gravestones.

Ballynahow castle by Mike Searle courtesy Geograph Ireland Thurles is a market and cathedral town on the river Suir. Horseracing and golf are activities available, while beet sugar manufacturing provides employment. Just to the west of Thurles off Ballycahill road is another National Monument, 16th century Ballynahow Castle, built 50 feet high in a circular shape. Two miles north of Thurles is a moated folly, Brittas Castle. A 17th century ruin, Loughmoe Court, is nearby and has been designated a National Monument. Near Holycross, where porcelain and knitwear are manufactured, is Farney castle, a round tower built in 1495.

Holycross new and old abbey by Joseph Mischyshyn courtesy Geograph Ireland Holycross abbey interior and relic of cross by Joseph Mischyshyn courtesy Geograph Ireland Holycross Abbey, four miles south-west of Thurles, is a restored Cistercian abbey, now used as a parish church. The abbey dates from 1168 and continued to serve the monks until the 17th century. Then the roof caved in and the building was empty until restored. The church has a nave with side chapels and a tower. There are three stained glass windows and an early 15th century wall painting. In part of the abbey is a tourist information centre and exhibition with AV. In the grounds is a meditation garden.

Tipperary North Attractions

Arra Mountains Walks

Ballynahow Castle
West of Thurles off Ballycahill Rd
Tel. 0 673 1610

Black Mills
Tel. 0 505 21850

Brittas Castle
Two miles north of Thurles off Templemore Rd
Tel. NA

Farney Castle
Ballycahill, near Holycross, off R660
Tel. 0 504 43281

Gloster National Forest Park
Gloster, 5km north-west of Roscrea
Tel. 0 6133 7322

Golden Grove National Forest Park
3.5km from Roscrea, off N62
Tel. 0 61 337 322

Holycross Cistercian Abbey and Meditation Garden
Four miles south of Thurles at Holycross
Tel. 0 504 43124

Lar Na Pairce, the Story of Gaelic Games
Horse and Jockey Rd, Thurles
Tel. 0 504 422 702

Lackeen Castle
Lorrha, near Terryglass
Tel. 0 90974 7010

Leap Castle
Tel. 0 57 913 1115

Lough Derg

Loughmoe Court
Loughmore, near Thurles
Tel. NA

Mona Incha Abbey
3 km east of Roscrea
Tel. NA

Nenagh Friary

Nenagh Heritage Centre
Kickham St, Nenagh
Tel. 0 67 33850

Pallas Hill Open Farm
The Ragg, Thurles
Tel. 0 87 290 9688

Redwood Castle
Tel. 0 94902 1375

Roscrea Castle and Damer House
Castle St, Roscrea
Tel. 0 505 21850

Slieve Felim Mountain Walks

St Cronanís Parish Church
Tel. not given

Saint Ruadhanís Abbey
Tel. NA

Terryglass Abbey
Tel. NA

Terryglass Castle
Tel. NA

St Maryís Famine History and War Museum
Tel. 0 504 21133

Turtulla Garden
Left side of N62 from Thurles
Tel. 0 504 21839

Tipperary Tourist Information Centre

Nenagh Tourist Office
Connelly Street, Nenagh
County Tipperary
Tel. 0 67 31610

Photos courtesy Geograph Britain and Ireland as follows:
Terryglass Castle by dougf; Terryglass harbour by Kieran Campbell; Nenagh church by Stephen Elwyn Roddick; Silvermine Mountains viewpoint of Nenagh by Adrian King; Arra mountain view of Lough Derg by Elaine Cox; Garrykennedy Harbour, Garrykennedy castle by P L Chadwick; Roscrea castle, Damer House, Ballynahow castle by Mike Searle; Roscrea round tower, Holycross new and old abbey, Holycross abbey interior and relic of cross by Joseph Mischyshyn; Roscrea parish church by Graham Horn

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Willowbrook Lodge B and B in County Tipperary (North)
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