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Lonely Planet Wales 3rd Edition
by David Atkinson and Neil Wilson

Lonely Planet Wales Lonely Planet Wales provides you with an ‘all you need to know’ guide, replete with every helpful detail for travelling in Wales. The book’s authors have thoroughly researched all available information, saving you weeks of hassle. Lonely Planet keeps this information current with their ongoing new editions of the guidebooks.

Sections on the history, the culture, and the myths and legends of Wales provide background information on the country and understanding of the people. There’s a section on outdoor activities and the environment. The Pembrokeshire coastal path has its own chapter. Welsh food and drink are explained.

Suggested itineraries are included. Most helpful is the division of the country into areas—making it easy to plan a trip. Each section of the guide contains a description of the countryside and places to visit. Included are accommodations, transportation, and places to eat. Practical information on attractions describes what to see and gives locations, opening hours and phone numbers. Cardiff rates a full chapter to itself.

There’s an index and a glossary. A directory full of practical tips lists the festivals and events, shopping details, phone use, holidays and much more. Black and white maps are scattered throughout the book, orienting you to each area.

The wealth of details in the guide will not only help to take the hassles out of your travels, it will also make sure you don’t miss anything and that you get the most out of your trip whatever you are interested in seeing or doing. Include this guide in your luggage as an essential item.

Lonely Planet Wales
Published June 2007

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