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Companion Guides London
by David Piper

Companion Guide London book cover It is obvious when reading this guidebook that the author, David Piper, not only knew his subject intimately but also was enthusiastic about it. David Piper was an art historian, director of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, from 1973-1985, and before that director of the National Portrait Gallery, London. While he is no longer living, his book has been revised in 2000, so is thoroughly up to date. Fionnuala Jervis, who revised the guide, has edited and contributed to numerous historical and art historical publications, and, in revising the guide, walked in Piper's London footsteps.

Everything worth the time in London is included, whether it is of historic, cultural, literary, or artistic value and some just plain interesting sites. The book traverses London from Regent's Park to Lambeth, from the Tower of London to Kensington, with excursions on the river and forays to outlying points of interest. Each chapter covers a day's excursion in an area, and highlights the unique character of that district. This is an essential guide for understanding London.

The Companion Guides are an exceptional series. Their high standards, detailed information, and editorial comments are without peer. They are written with wit, intelligence and true skill by highly knowledgeable persons conversant with their subject.

The Companion Guides are more than guide books. They are armchair travel books as well, full of fascinating anecdotes that make entertaining and informative reading. The London Guide is no exception. It is a comprehensive 'must read' for the London enthusiast or traveller.

Companion Guides
Boydell and Brewer
PO Box 9
IP12 3DF
PO Box 41026
Rochester, NY
ISBN: 1-900639-36-X
16 colour illustrations
450 pages
Published: 2000

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