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Complete Traditional Recipe Book
by Sarah Edington

Complete Traditional Recipe Book The Complete Traditional Recipe Book is a collection of over 300 homely and posh traditional British recipes from the National Trust. Recipes range from the simple to the elaborate, but all have all stood the test of time and taste and date from medieval braised rabbit to the modern revival of hodge podge pie, west country honeyed port stew, old English syllabub, singin’ hinnies, and mulled ale.

Favourites include toad in the hole, Cornwall gingerbread pudding, Lancashire hot pot, and shepherd’s pie. More than 50 recipes for hot and cold puddings such as apple hat, damson snow, and marbled rose cream will encourage you to break your diet. Tea time is well represented with an equal number of recipes that include Staffordshire oatcakes, bara brith, and date/walnut bread.

The special treat in this book is the histories behind some of the key British recipes and the introductions to each chapter: soups, meat dishes, fish, vegetables, sauces, puddings, cakes and biscuits, breads, tea breads and scones, jams and preserves, drinks, and confectionary. The introductions are not only entertaining but help explain British culinary traditions. Did you know macaroni and cheese was first made in the 14th century in England, then disappeared to be reintroduced from Italy in the 18th century?

Author Sarah Edington is a food writer, former professional cook and owner of a food catering business. As well as writing about food she specialises in tours of historic kitchens. She collected these recipes from National Trust restaurant cooks, four of her own recipe books, and a large number of cookbooks dating back 200 years. The results were collected over an 18 year time period.

This celebration of British cooking will have you racing for the Aga.

Complete Traditional Recipe Book
Published 2006
The National Trust Books
151 Freston Rd
London W10 6 TH
An imprint of Anova Books Co Ltd
ISBN: 10 190540042 X
ISBN: 13 9781905400423
384 pages with colour photographs
Available from National Trust bookshops, local bookshops, or Amazon.
Other National Trust cookery books include Fish: Recipes from a Busy Island; Farmhouse Cookery; and Tea-time Recipes.

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