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Lonely Planet Language and Culture Guides for Britain and Ireland
by Lonely Planet Series

Lonely Planet British Language & Culture Ever wondered what ‘cor blimey’ or ‘craic’ mean, not to mention ‘hwyl’? Want to blend in with the locals when you travel around Ireland or the UK? Or just not be a ‘tourist’ with a blank expression on your face? Lonely Planet’s language and culture guides (British Language & Culture, Irish Language & Culture) are here to rescue you.

Each guide is divided into the following sections with each section themed to the language and words related to that subject: short history, speaking the language, lifestyle and society, travel and transport, food and drink, sport, entertainment, slang, misunderstandings, regional languages or variations, a word finder, and an index.

In addition the Irish guide has a section on the Irish language that helps with the meaning and definition of unique Irish words. Hints on pronunciation of words that differ from North American ways of saying them are most helpful to understanding local speech. A brief list of spelling differences is included.

Lonely Planet Irish Language and Culture The Language and Culture guides are written for independent travellers. They help you interact and connect with the local people whether you are staying in a bed and breakfast, visiting the local pub or just chatting to locals along the way. These convenient pocket size, colour coded books are little treasures to take along on your next trip.

Lonely Planet British Language & Culture, 2nd edition, March 2007
ISBN: 978 1 86450 286 2
UK £4.99; US $8.99
255 pages

Lonely Planet Irish Language & Culture, 1st edition, March 2007
ISBN: 978 1 74059 577 3
255 pages

Many other country titles are available. Check them out at Lonely Planet

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