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Unmasking Jack the Ripper--a DVD
by Richard Jones

Jack the Ripper DVD cover Unmasking Jack the Ripper is an atmospheric documentary/drama taking the viewer back to Victorian times (1888) and London’s Whitechapel area. It was in Whitechapel, a poverty and crime-ridden warren of streets, that the Ripper’s reign of terror horrified Londoners. This thoroughly researched history captures immediate attention with its recontruction of the main points of the Ripper story, integrating reconstructions with narration and interviews. Using costumed actors, still photos, and commentary by authors and researchers the milieu surrounding the murders is brought vividly to life.

Life was a daily battle for survival in Whitechapel with its high immigrant and homeless population. Here the murderer stalked the streets, targeting prostitutes, not only slashing their throats but mutilating their corpses. In addition to his “official” murders, two early murders, not directly attributed to the Ripper, are thought to be his.

The Star newspaper dubbed the suspect ‘Leather Apron’, referring to the many such garments worn by workers in the area, especially the Jews and the slaughterhouse workers. This triggered crowd abuse of the Jewish immigrant population. ‘Leather Apron’ was taken into custody but was let go as he had a cast iron alibi for the times in question.

Newspapers continued to sensationalize all aspects of the murders insuring that crowds of thrill-seeking onlookers would visit the scenes and, along with them, hawkers selling things. Jack the Ripper’s name came about as a result of a signed letter sent to the police. However, it was deemed a fake. The newspapers got hold of this signature and publicized the name.

Despite the police flooding the streets with men on foot and a thorough (for the times) investigation, the Ripper was never caught. The murders suddenly stopped, bringing two questions to mind: why did they stop and what happened to the Ripper. A number of written clues were left behind by one of the senior investigating officers that leads us to believe the murderer was caught, then let go for lack of evidence, and afterwards put into an asylum by his family. You’ll have to watch the video for all the fascinating details of the world’s greatest ‘whodunit’.

Author/producere Richard Jones is a best selling author and television presenter (History Channel). He has investigated and written about ghosts and hauntings for more than 20 years. Since 1982 he has operated a series of tours of legendary and mystical Britain. He pioneered the London Ghost Walk, and in 1997 he wrote and presented the acclaimed Ironhill Pictures documentary drama ‘In Search of Jack the Ripper’.

Jack the Ripper DVD
75 minutes
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