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Britainís Best Afternoon Tea 2006
by Editor: Jane Gregory

Britain's Best Afternoon Tea 2006 If you werenít hungry for tea and goodies before reading this book, you will definitely be afterwards. In fact, you could be planning your days out based on the great tea spots in the guide.

The tea shops and tea rooms in the guide are members of the Tea Guild and thus are approved by their inspectors. The Tea Guild, formed by the Tea Council, exists to encourage and recognize high standards in tea.

Entries in the book range from traditional village tea shops in cottages or town centres to hotel lounges and restaurants. Even a modern tea bar or a tea area of another type store could be included if it meets the Guild standards. The quality and varieties of the teas and proper brewing are necessary for inclusion. As well, the atmosphere and service figure in the judging. Home-baked goods, value for money, hygiene and crockery are also taken into account.

Over 200 tea places in England, Scotland, and Wales are included in the guide. Each country is listed by county, then alphabetically by location. Maps of Britain are included for handy reference. Detailed information is included for each entry. In addition to the map reference, addresses, directions, phone numbers, emails, and websites are given. Prices for set teas, number of seats, smoking restrictions, opening times, parking information, and types of food served make it easy to plan your tea travels.

Some of the tea rooms have shared their recipes for goodies. You can try Cumberland rum nicky tarts, chocolate chip scones, Somerset lemon curd and more. Background information is given on the tradition of tea and its growing and picking.

The Tea Council presents awards of excellence each year and these are noted in the guide. The 2005 top tea place winner is Ollerton Watermill tea shop in Nottinghamshire while Londonís top tea place award for 2005 was garnered by the Conservatory at the Lanesborough.

Buy this handy guide and spend the year enjoying the results.

Britainís Best Afternoon Tea 2006
Editor: Jane Gregory
Writers: Julia Hynard, Denise Laing
Published by AA Publishing, spring 2006
Fanum House
Basing View, Basingstoke
Hampshire RG21 4EA
ISBN: 10: 0 7495 4674 3

Available for purchase from bookshops or online.

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