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The Drovers

A Shire Book
by Shirley Toulson

The Drovers The drovers helped keep the economy of Scotland and Wales going as they drove cattle to the markets of England. They were respected people in their farming communities.

This well-researched book is crammed with information about drovers, the droving routes, and life on the road. A section tells about the hardy black cattle that traveled the drove roads. Fairs and markets were important selling points for the cattle.

Black and white and coloured illustrations add to the appeal. Maps of the droving roads are useful for today’s walkers who wish to follow them, and section on walking the roads is included.

The Highland Drovers Exhibition at the Crieff visitor centre at Crieff, Perthshire is recommended to visit, as is the Heritage Centre at Llandovery, Carmarthenshire.

Author Shirley Toulson writes books on the social history of the countryside. She is an authority on ancient tracks and drove roads and author of The Drovers’ Roads of Wales and The Drovers’ Roads of South Wales. Her other books cover East Anglia, Derbyshire, the south-west moors, the Mendip hills, Scotland, the north of England, Devon, and Somerset.

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