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Eccentric London
by Tom Quinn

Photography by Ricky Leaver

Eccentric London book cover courtesy New Holland Eccentric London is fun, fascinating, and a fabulous read. You’ll discover the eccentric facts about places you thought you knew—Fortnum and Mason, the Burlington Arcade, Somerset House, Sloane Square Station, and dozens of others. You will also be introduced to places you may not have known existed—the Dog Cemetery, the Coal Hole, and the Canonbury Tower, just three among many.

History takes a lighthearted approach in this book and celebrates all that is odd about London and its characters. Want to know where to buy a pinch of snuff or get a horsehair wig made? Did you know Trafalgar Square had a prison on one corner? Can you pinpoint where the dry martini and the Peach Melba were invented?

Want to see a stuffed body or discover who believed pig fat rubbed all over her body was better than taking a bath? Other bizarre London characters kept pets that they ate when the pets died while another died of malnutrition even though wealthy. Eccentric London is not just a great read; you can also dine out on its stories for years to come.

It differs from the other books in the Eccentric series in its size (larger) and the fact that it includes coloured photography of the places covered. The book divides the city into seven areas, making for easy ‘days out’ planning to visit the sites.

Author Tom Quinn is editor of the Country Land and Business Association magazine and is the author of a number of books including Britain’s Best Walks and Hidden Britain. Ricky Leaver is based in London and runs the London Stills photo library.

Rush out and buy this book today.

Eccentric London
Published April, 2005 by New Holland
Website:New Holland Publishers
ISBN: 1 84330 896 7
128 pages

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