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The Great Wall of Britain
A Walk along Hadrian’s Wall

by Anton Hodge

The Great Wall of Britain Anton Hodge’s first book, The Great Wall of Britain, is a personal diary of a walking journey along Hadrian’s Wall intermingled with 2000 years of interesting historical facts about the wall and the geography of the area through which it passes.

As the author journeys from the Tyne to the Solway he lets us in on his little secrets—his fear of dogs, his blistering boots, and a music loving cow—with funny tales of his travails along the way. English Heritage’s strawberry lip balm has never been used so creatively before. His stories of bad beer, dubious pubs, and a backward bus ride make you chuckle. Characters pleasant and unpleasant add an authentic note of the eccentricity of the country’s people.

If you haven’t seen the wall, you will want to make the journey after reading Hodge’s book. Even if you have visited or walked the wall, you will discover it in a new way. This informative, interesting, and lighthearted book is written in the manner of Two Degrees West and Around Ireland with a Fridge.

Anton Hodge’s Edinburgh University degree in Latin and Ancient History clearly shows in the well researched and presented historical facts as they relate to his journey. A native of Perth, Hodge now lives with his wife and son three miles from the wall, outside Carlisle.

The Great Wall of Britain
ISBN 190 452 4249
Published November 2004
135 pages, 28 black & white photographs
Author’s website: Anton Hodge

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