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The Cottage on the Fell
by Anne J. Utting

Cottage on the Fell book cover This small book (99 pages) is a compilation of articles that originally appeared in Cumbria Magazine. Reading each article is like reading a letter from a friend or family member. These folksy "diary pages" detail the events of daily life in a primitive cottage on a fell.

Written by Ann Utting, a weaver, the hardships and joys of fell living are clearly and vividly brought to life. Utting describes the difficulties of growing a garden in harsh weather conditions, the heating and plumbing problems in an isolated environment, and the animals that are both a nuisance and a pleasure. Friends and family figure prominently in the stories, as does the author's craft of weaving.

The struggle to survive the harsh environment was not an easy one. As a reader I wondered why the author and her husband "hung in there". If this book has a fault, it is that it is too short-a result of the limitations of a collection of articles. I kept wondering how some of the problems and events mentioned in paragraphs turned out.

The Cottage on the Fell, written as a diary of daily events while living in a felltop cottage, is a book to be read and savoured, an article at a time, over a period of time, just as it happened. Anyone in love with the fells of Cumbria or contemplating living there will find much of interest and enjoyment in this book.

Purchase Information:

New: The Cottage on the Fell is now sold as a colour illustrated editon on Kindle. To purchase go to The Cottage on the Fell on Kindle or alternatively just search Amazon.

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