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Adapter Kit Ireland
by Stennie Harvey

Book Cover Adapter Kit Ireland Ever dreamed of living in another country? Well, if it’s Ireland, this book is the answer to your prayers. Everything you wanted to know and even some things you didn’t know you needed to know are here. It’s the most valuable book of its kind written and is an absolute must for those planning a long term or permanent stay in the Republic of Ireland.

The author provides meticulously researched and documented details based on her own experience. Thus the book provide all the tools and information you need to make a transition to Ireland.

The introduction gives an overview of the land, weather, people, politics and money. A large section on Irish culture expands on the language, people and daily live. Historical details begin with Celtic Ireland and reach into the 20th century—a great help for understanding the culture.

The ‘Daily Life’ section deals with the minute essential information we all need to function on a day to day basis: mail, the telephone, the internet, money and taxes, medical care and transportation.

The ‘Moving In’ section of the book, gives the lowdown on residency, citizenship and customs. The real estate market information, both rental and purchase, lets you know what’s available in different parts of the country and what you will shell out for shelter.

If you need to earn a living, there is information on employment, work permits and navigating all the red tape involved. Useful resources gives phone numbers, addresses, metric conversion, and more.

Even if you aren’t planning to visit or live in Ireland long term, there is much of interest in this book. In fact, it is helpful for anyone planning the same adventure in another country as it provides an outline for your own research into “what you need to know before you go”.

Essential Information

Adapter Kit Ireland
ISBN: 1 56691 444 2
Published by Avalon Travel Publishing

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