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Haunted Britain and Ireland
by Richard Jones

Photography: Forlean Picture Library

Haunted Britain and Ireland Book Cover Haunted Britain and Ireland is both an interesting coffee table book and a good read. Fortunately it doesn't spend much time on the question of whether or not ghosts exist, but goes right to the heart of the matter; that is, the stories of hauntings and ghostly spectrals as reported by those who claim to have seen them. Rather than dwell on these incidents, what makes the book unique and of most interest is the historical story and circumstances behind the ghosts. As Britain is replete with such events, the author has chosen those that he judged to be of particular interest and where the sites themselves were accessible to the readers.

The guide is divided into regional areas within which ghostly hauntings of a wide range of places such as hillsides, stones circles, battlefields, stately homes, churchyards, and even a village are documented. Included are chapters on Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. There are a total of more than 130 vignettes, each brief enough to be read and enjoyed on their own at your leisure.

Quotations and poetry lend atmospheric references, but it is the photographs that really stand out. Provided by the Fortean Picture Library (Janet and Colin Board in North Wales) they have been chosen for their atmospheric renditions of the various places and succeed admirably. Reading the stories produces chills as easily as a gathering in the dark around a campfire with friends telling ghostly tales.

The author, Richard Jones, is well qualified to write about his subject. He has investigated and written about ghosts and hauntings for more than 20 years. Since 1982 he has operated a series of tours of legendary and mystical Britain. He pioneered the London Ghost Walk, and in 1997 he wrote and presented the acclaimed Ironhill Pictures documentary drama 'On the Trail of Jack the Ripper'. He has also appeared on the US Mystery TV channel, the Discovery Channel, and the History Channel's 'History's Mysteries' and 'Haunted History: London Special.' He is the author of a number of books including Mystical Britain and Ireland. He has also produced a DVD Unmasking Jack the Ripper.

Curl up before the fire on a dark winter's night and revel in these chilling tales of the supernatural. Don't miss the eerie and fascinating story about the Borley, Essex Rectory.

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New Holland Publishers
Garfield House
86-88 Edgware Road
London W2 2EA
Tel. 020 7724 7773
Fax. 020 7724 6184
Price: 19.99
Website: New Holland Publishers

Richard Jones websites: Haunted Britain and Jack the Ripper Tour

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