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The Soil Never Sleeps
by Adam Horowitz

The soil never sleeps This new collection of enchanting poems inspired by encounters with Exmoor hill farmers evokes both the drama of the landscape and the delicate balance between farming and nature that helps to create it.

Poet Adam Horowitz received grants from Exmoor National Park Authority’s Partnership Fund and Exmoor Society to spend time on Exmoor Hill Farming Network farms signed up to the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association, an alliance of farmers committed to feeding livestock solely on grass for the benefit of nature, animal welfare, and the planet.

Adam, who stayed on two different hill farms during his time on Exmoor, said: "I helped out where I could and absorbed the beauty of the national park and the practical concerns that go in to maintaining that beauty, as well as the continued health of the soil and the land. “My hope is that The Soil Never Sleeps, which weaves celebration of the land with the voices of the farmers and the science of farming, will play a small part in the ongoing and very necessary conversations about the future and continued vitality of the British landscape."

“The world needs more poetry and the best poetry can be truly magical,” said Airband’s Devon Project Manager Martin Hewlett.

Publisher: Palewell Press
Cost: £9.99
Illustrator of cover Jo Sanders

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