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Exploring English Castles: A guide to some of the most historical and picturesque castles in England
by Edd Morris

Exploring English Castles For almost one thousand years, castles have been the settings of siege and battle, dens of plotting and intrigue, and refuges for troubled kings and their supporters. The remains of these fortresses evoke a sense of wonder and interest in their past history.

Providing readers with a tour through the grandest castles of English, this coffee table book features over 100 coloured photos and brings the ruins to life through true stories of royalty, chivalry, deception and intrigue.

This is a book for armchair historians and those interested in visiting castles. Readers will uncover the secret of Bodiam Castle, Sussex, a fortress seemingly from a fairy tale, built for a knight returning from the Hundred Years’ War. They will discover how Mary Tudor, first queen of England, took refuge in Framlingham Castle, Suffolk, overturning a wily plot to deny her the throne. Another of the many tales is of the love story between Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley, which unfolds against the backdrop of Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire.

Author Edd Morris is a British writer born in rural England. The book is a result of his interest in history and geography as well as his photography. He resides in London.

Exploring English Castles
From Skyhorse Publishing, New York, NY, USA; Skyhorse Publishing
Published 7 April, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-63220-348-9
hardcover; also available as an e book

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