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Murder at Honeychurch Hall
by Hannah Dennison

Second book in the series: Deadly Desires at Honeychurch Hall
Third book in the series: A Killer Ball at Honeychurch Hall
Fourth book in the series: Murderous Mayhem at Honeychurch Hall

We were first introduced to author Hannah Dennisonís ability to entertain us in her Vicky Hill series. Full of laugh out loud characters and situations the series has fans of the cozy English mystery jumping for joy.

Honeychurch Hall courtesy Hannah Dennison In Murder at Honeychurch Hall, the first in a new series, Hannah Dennison continues to showcase her ability to portray interesting characters embroiled in wacky situations with a delightful sense of humour.

The carriage house courtesy Hannah Dennison In the book TV celebrity host Kat Stanford, who has just quit her position with the series Fakes and Treasures, is excited to start her antique business in London with Iris, her newly widowed mother. But she discovers that Iris has relocated to Devon after purchasing a dilapidated carriage house on an isolated country estate, Honeychurch Hall. Naturally Kat wonders why her mother has gone off the rails.

Although the 600 year old estate has endured wars, corruption and Royal favours, its inhabitants wish the scandals and secrets of the last few decades to remain buried at all costs, even if that includes murder.

When Kat arrives at the house, she discovers that her mother has a secret of her own; she is raking in the dough as a bestselling author (with a hidden identity) of steamy romance novels. But that is only one of her mother's secrets that ends up being discovered by Kat.

True to form Honeychurch Hall gentry and servants regard the newcomers with suspicion, especially after their nanny goes missing and the housekeeper ends up dead.

After discovering a hidden grotto and a secret tunnel Kat and her mother unravel the false identities and relationships that lead to the real murderer.

The setting of the story is taken from a real historic hall in Devon, Hillersdon House (private). Itís currently in the process of being restored to its former glory. The carriage house, in reality, is in another location.

You wonít want to miss the fun of this first book in the new Honeychurch Hall series.

Murder at Honeychurch Hall

Published by Minotaur Books May 2014
UK rights: St Martinís Press
ISBN: 9781250007797
Available from Amazon; also available as an E book
Web: Hannah Dennison

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