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A Vicky Hill Exclusive!
by Hannah Dennison

Vicky Hill series reviews at:
A Vicky Hill Exclusive
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A Vicky Hill Exclusive Aspiring investigative journalist Vicky Hill faces two challenges. The first is to escape the stultifying boredom of funeral reporting for the Gipping Gazette by making a career-enhancing front-page splash. The second is to lose her virginity—a heavy burden for a woman of twenty-three.

Vicky’s chance for a scoop comes with the discovery of three grisly chicken corpses, which are bizarrely connected to the unusual death of elderly Sir Hugh, the local hedge-jumping enthusiast. As Vicky delves deeper into village affairs, she is thrilled to find the sleepy English market town harbors more than its fair share of secrets.

Yet Vicky has a secret of her own. As the only daughter of “The Fog”—a notorious criminal, currently on the run in Spain—enlisting the help of the police is never an option. If that wasn’t enough, rival reporter, the voluptuous Annabel Lake, thinks nothing of using her sexual wiles to gain vital information and thwarts Vicky’s efforts at every turn.

A Vicky Hill Exclusive With hooded figures meeting at midnight, a stash of stolen silver and a rising body count, Vicky discovers she has opened Gipping’s Pandora’s box.

Casting safety aside and with only her pluck, wit and determination to fall back on, Vicky must decide just how far she is prepared to go to clinch the story of a lifetime.

Publication Dates:
May 2012
Constable UK
ISBN: 978-1-78033-059-4

March 2009
Berkley Prime Crime USA
ISBN: 978-0-425-22048-1

Vicky Hill books are available on Indiebound, Amazon US, Amazon UK, Waterstones, and Amazon Canada.
Author’s website: Hannah Dennison
Note: Book covers are different in the UK than in other countries.

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