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Sea and Shore Cornwall
by Lisa Woollett

Sea and Shore by Lisa Woollett Cornwall Wildlife Trust is launching a new and beautiful book about the seashore in its online shop. This new book, written by South East Cornwall resident Lisa Woollett, is a collection of photographs, discoveries and natural history that is by turn atmospheric, quirky and fascinating and is available for only £14.99. A proportion of the cost will be donated to the Trust’s Living seas department to fund their important marine conservation work programme.

Abby Crosby, Marine Conservation Officer for Cornwall Wildlife Trust, said, “To effectively conserve our environment we must first understand it. This incredibly beautiful book does a wonderful job of opening up the magnificent world of our marine environment, enabling people to learn and appreciate its beauty and importance.”

Lisa photographing on Peak Rock Many of the photographs are glimpses of the mercurial sea around Cornwall’s shores in all its moods from sunlit shallows to exhilarating waves powering into cliffs. Woven in with the photographs is Lisa’s haphazard museum of finds. The often strangely beautiful things she has picked up on Cornwall’s shores, along with any curious or interesting findings from her subsequent research. There are wonderful names: by-the-wind sailors, the warty venus, and some extraordinary creatures in this inter-tidal world, their lives, at times violent, charming or bizarre.

Seaweed at Spit Beach, Par by Lisa Woollett There is much of the evocative and often mysterious language of the sea, with some beautiful old Cornish words. Many are portents of bad weather: the sun-dog and graving clouds, and a telling number that describe a fine misty drizzle. There is also the odd maritime legend, and some wonderful oceanographers’ research, a science of washed up trainers, bath ducks and fishermen’s boots lost at sea.

Looe by Lisa Woollett Abby continued, “Not only is this a magical and informative book to help you explore and understand the sea and its wildlife, but it will also make a wonderful present for any friends and family members who love the coast. When buying the book from our online shop, you will also be donating to the Trust’s marine conservation work programme in which we continue to gather data about, campaign for, and raise awareness of our brilliant sea.”

To buy the book, please visit the Trust’s website at
Cornwall Wildlife Trust Shop and click on Books and Guides; then follow the links. Free post and packing applies to all sales products.

For more information on Cornwall Wildlife Trust and our marine conservation work visit Cornwall Wildlife Trust Living Seas

Photo credits:

Lisa photographing on Peak Rock, Polperro; self-portrait photo
Looe, Cornwall; photo by Lisa Woollett
Sea and Shore cover; photo by Lisa Woollett
Seaweed, Spit Beach, Par; photo by Lisa Woollett

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