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Britain's Waterways: A Unique Insight
by Brian Roberts

If you've ever fancied boating in Britain, this book is a "must have". If you are interested in walking along or picnicking by waterways, this book is a "must have". If you're a waterway history buff, this book is a "must have". In short, this is both a practical and fascinating book on Britain's waterways.
There is an introduction on the coastline, rivers and canals and the National Waterways Network.

The details of 55 selected waterways' histories are given, including information on restoration, preservation and heritage. Industrial archaeology is a particularly entertaining area that is well explored in this book. An interesting example is the entry on the Trent and Mersey Canal's Etruria Bone and Flint Mill that contains the oldest steam bone-crusher in the country. No, not something nefarious going on here, this was where bones were crushed into powder for bone china. The book is filled with such fascinating background information.

Information on navigation-locks, junctions, connecting canals, docks, navigational aids-make this a practical waterway guide. Tourist Information Centres phone numbers, boat trips and suggested guidebooks are listed.

Coloured maps are a big plus in this directory. Regional maps showing location of the waterways are included as well as in-depth maps of each waterway. Tourist sites accessible along the waterways-gardens, museums, stately homes and castles-are pinpointed on the maps with gazetteer entries on each.

Any number of holidays could be planned using this unique book as a guide. It is, quite literally, a gold mine of facts, presented in an absorbing and inviting manner.

Published by GEO projects
9-10 Southern Court
South St.
Reading, UK RG1 4QS
Maps and atlases also available.

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