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A Fierce Local: Memoirs of My Love Affair With Ireland
by Gould, Harvey

A Fierce Local How did a Jewish kid from Chicago become a full-blooded Irishman? With a couple hundred pints of Guinness, a cottage in the countryside and twelve units of Irish blood.

It may have been the blood transfusion that saved Harvey Gould’s life during his thirteenth trip to Ireland, but it was the symbolic nature of this long-awaited transition from American to Irishman that he would remember most.

From exhilarating fox hunts to drinking Guinness straight from the tap, one of Ireland’s most passionate admirers recounts stories of adventure, romance, personal struggles and lessons learned in A Fierce Local: Memoirs of My Love Affair with Ireland. A finalist in the 2011 San Francisco Writers Conference Indie Publishing Contest, this compelling memoir takes readers from the dirt floors of a countryside pub to the bustling streets of Dublin with the man who knows it best- one accepted by the locals as belonging, a “fierce local.”

With a punch of optimism and upbeat humor, Gould not only offers a unique perspective on Ireland, but also on his chronic battle with a rare blood cancer, which would take him further than he ever imagined into Irish culture—to the wing of a Limerick hospital and a full-blown transfusion of Irish blood. With undying endurance, positivity and humor, Gould confronts his battle head-on.

“Bad things happen to all of us, but we have a choice- we can be consumed by our ill-fated roll of the dice and wallow in self pity, or we can focus on all the good we’ve experienced and all the good we may be blessed to continue to experience,” says Gould. “Because when all is said and done, it’s the craic that really matters.”

A Fierce Local: Memoirs of My Love Affair with Ireland
Price: Soft cover $16.16
324 pages
ISBN: 978-1-46203-368-3
Publisher: self published
Available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble
For more information, visit Harvey Gould

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