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The Urban Birder
by David Lindo

Foreward by Stephen Moss

Urban Birder courtesy New Holland publishers Anyone can become an Urban Birder. You can do it anywhere and any time, whether you've got the day to spare, on your way to work, on your lunch break or just looking out of a window. Look up and you will see.

This book is an inspirational look at the birdlife in our cities, or more accurately, the author’s personal journey of discovery involving encounters with racism, air rifle toting youths, girls, alcohol, music, finding urban wildlife oases and of course, birds.

His story is entertaining and sometimes controversial, but the one guarantee is that the reader will be left feeling inspired enough to pick up a pair of binoculars and head to the nearest park.

Self-styled 'The Urban Birder', David Lindo is a one-man ornithological phenomenon. He is a regular on TV and radio, has a flourishing website (The Urban Birder) and blog plus writes for a host of magazines including BBC Wildlife, Bird Watching and the RSPB's Birds. The latter of which has a readership in excess of 1 million people.

From watching ‘Uncle Birds’ and ‘Spoonwings’ from his bedroom window as a child in London to uncovering unusual species in strange parks in Mexico City. He has made a name for himself by proving that there is plenty of natural life in even the most seemingly barren parts of our cities’ concrete jungles. His philosophy is simple: Look up.

Today, David has millions of regular followers of his magazine articles and TV appearances and he continues to inspire many people to believe that anything is possible in birding.

The Urban Birder is his first book, and in it he recounts his birding journey in full for the first time, from gun-toting youths in 1970s east London, through a series of twitching episodes which ‘felt like bad one night stands’ to mingling with the stars (birds and people) in Hollywood. He is the new cool face of birding.

The Urban Birder
Published by New Holland
Web: New Holland Publishers
86-88 Edgware Rd, London
Publication date: 5 August 2011
Available from Amazon
Pages: 224, 30 black and white illustrations
ISBN-13: 9781847739506
ISBN-10: 1847739504

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