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Britain: A Guide to Architectural Styles from 1066 to the Present Day
by Hubert Pragnell

This book presents an overview of the development of architectural styles and movements in Britain. Styles are presented within a historic context, giving the reader an insight into the times in which they developed. The book does not cover the subject in its entirety-grand architecture is, generally, the subject matter dealt with.

Chapter headings include: The Norman Style, The Transition to Gothic, The Gothic Cathedral, The Medieval Parish Church, The Castle and Medieval Manor House, The Medieval House, Tudor Architecture, The Jacobean House, Inigo Jones, 17th century Mannerism, Sir Christopher Wren, The Baroque Style, The Palladian Movement, The Advent of Town Planning, New Styles and New Materials, Gothic Survival and Revival, Victorian Gothic, From the Forth Bridge to the Millennium Dome: the 20th Century.

Each chapter is not an in-depth look at each style. The book would be a weighty tome, if that were so. The chapters do highlight significant architects and architectural examples of the period. The author's understanding of and love of his subject matter clearly shows in his writing.

Exquisitely detailed black and white drawings lend explanation to the text. A good index is provided, along with excellent suggestions for further reading. The handy size of this guide (4x4x1inches) makes it ideal for carrying along on a holiday, or reading anywhere, for that matter.

Certainly, after reading the book, you will notice architectural details that escaped you before and will gain more understanding of how they fit into the overall architectural history of the country.

One thing I like about this book is that it can be read over and over again, and each time you absorb a little more knowledge and understanding. It's not, however, for the beginner. It lacks a glossary of architectural terms.

Essential Information:
Published by Ellipsis
2 Rufus St.
London, England NI 6PE
Updated edition 1999

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