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Royal Blood
by Rhys Bowen

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Royal Blood courtesy the publisher An invitation to lunch with the Queen should be a cause for rejoicing, but for penniless Lady Georgiana Rannoch (known as Georgie to all her friends) it’s something to dread. It seems that every time Georgie, 34th in line for the throne, is summoned to Buckingham Palace the Queen has an assignment for her that doesn’t quite turn out the way it sounds.

But one has to obey the Queen—and besides almost anything sounds inviting that will get her away from her nasty sister-in-law, Fig and brother Binky who walks around in a perpetual fog. They’ve come from the ancestral castle in Scotland to stay awhile in the family mansion in London.

At first the Queen’s request sounds okay: represent the royal family a royal wedding. But it’s the bride’s request for Georgie to be a bridesmaide that swings the deal. It seems she is a princess, unknown to Georgie when they were at school together. All seems well until the location is revealed: Transylvania. And we all know what Transylvania is famous for, don’t we.

Vampires and werewolves aside, murder is always on the menu when Georgie is around, and a remote, isolated, snow-bound castle in vampire country is no exception. With mysterious visitors appearing in Georgie’s bedroom at night, a caped figure climbing up the sheer castle wall, and rumours of dungeons and hidden rooms creating a sense of dread, it’s no wonder Georgie is startled but not surprised to see the bride-to-be with blood running down her chin.

Will the couple’s wedding vows become “to love and to cherish, till ‘undeath’ do them part...” or will the wedding even take place. Will nasty Count Dragomir survive the wedding feast. Will the snow never stop!

Can Georgie, along with chum Belinda and erstwhile love interest Darcy, come to the rescue and solve the murders. And just where has Georgie’s inept lady’s maid Queenie disappeared to. Patrascue of the secret police doesn’t seem to be looking too hard for her.

Author Rhys Bowen’s invention of quirky characters continues in this fourth book in the Royal series with Queenie and stalwart chaperon, Mrs. Middlesex and her companion Miss Deer-Harte added to the list. She is also the author of the Evans mystery series, stories of a Welsh village constable, and the series set at the turn of the century in New York starring Irish lass Molly. A master at writing a mystery with intriguing plots, settings, and characters along with an outstanding sense of humour, the author’s Royal series are not to be missed. Just begin reading them early enough in the evening to finish before bedtime because you won’t want to put these page turners down.

Royal Blood

Published by Berkley Prime Crime, New York
September, 2010
ISBN-10: 0425234460
ISBN-13: 9780425234464
320 pages hardcover

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