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Methodist Heritage Handbook

Methodist Heritage Handbook is a free guide to visiting 100 historic Methodist sites in the UK. They include the Old Rectory at Epworth in Lincolnshire, the childhood home of John and Charles Wesley, and the first ever Methodist building at the New Room in Bristol.

The New Room was built by John Wesley as a place for preaching and education, a dispensary and also as a lodging for himself and his itinerant preachers.

Many of the other sites in the book are linked to Wesley’s 250,000 miles of nationwide preaching tours and the development of Methodism in the 19th century. They include a tree and a hill with a mock castle on top.

Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch, presenter of the BBC’s The History of Christianity endorses the new guide: "Methodism has been at the heart of Protestant Christianity worldwide since the 18th century – far beyond the churches which call themselves Methodist. Without the new departures in Christian life inspired by John Wesley, the movements which encompass Pentecostalism, the Salvation Army and the many independent churches of Africa and Asia would not exist in anything like their present form. It is a task of global importance to preserve the places and experiences in Britain which triggered this extraordinary variety of Christianities."

The Methodist Church has around 265,000 members, about 5,800 Methodist churches and regular contact with over 800,000 people in Great Britain. The worldwide membership is 70 million

The Methodist Heritage Handbook is free and there is no charge for postage.

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