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Royal Flush

A Royal Spyness Mystery
by Rhys Bowen

See also A Royal Pain, Royal Blood, Naughty in Nice and The Twelve Clues of Christmas

Royal Flush courtesy Berkley Crime “Georgie” has done it again—gotten herself in hot water, that is. Thanks to her inventor, author Rhys Bowen, we can have a ripping good time following Georgie’s latest madcap adventure.

Poor, penniless, and 34th in line to the throne, Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie has to find a way to earn a ‘crust’. And, true to form, she places an ad for a dinner/dance companion in the paper, but in her naiveté she calls it an escort service. Complications aside, Scotland Yard uses her faux pas to pressure her to do a little service for them: spy on the Royal hunting party at Balmoral where someone is trying to do away with all those in line for the throne. If that wasn’t enough they’d also like her to do all she can to discourage Wallis Simpson in her relentless pursuit of the Prince of Wales.

Heading first to her ancestral home, Castle Rannoch in Scotland, where cold-hearted sister-in-law Fig and wimpy brother Binky await, she encounters several dubious characters, outrageous American “guests”, and even has to wrestle with the furry, vicious haggis.

From Castle Rannoch to Braemar to Balmoral, where the King and Queen are in residence, heirs to the throne are dropping like squashed midges. What’s an untrained spy like Georgie to do? Well, for starters, getting herself almost killed while hanging off the edge of a mountain.

There’s little help from the local cop shop—it’s a lone ranger operation on her part, so she thinks. While the young eligible men on the scene toy with boats and planes, Georgie busies herself following clues that lead to false assumptions and winds up kidnapped by the real killer.

Flitting in and out of the current chaos in her life is the elusive Darcy. Does she love him? Does he love her? If so, who’s the hot Spanish lady hanging on his arm? Will Georgie eventually succumb to Darcy’s dark good looks? Dare we hope?

Don’t delay. Go grab this book at your local store or from the internet. You won’t want to put down this latest “Royal Spyness” mystery adventure from the pen of Rhys Bowen. There’s only one thing wrong with it—it’s over too soon, and we have to wait another year for the next one!

Royal Flush
Published: July, 2009
Pages: 320
ISBN: 978-0-425-22788-6

Her Royal Spyness is the first book in the series.

See our review of the second book A Royal Pain
Rhys Bowen’s website: Rhys Bowen

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