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by Jan and Geoff Swift

A Shire Book

Perambulators courtesy publisher This fascinating little book is a complete illustrated history of the British wheeled baby carrier, spanning the time period from the 18th century to the end of the classic pram era.

The book looks at the design and development of full size prams and the technological changes that affected their design. It also touches on their popularity. A look at children’s toy prams tells the reader that they mimicked full size prams.

Contents include an introduction, early carts and carriages, the Victorian industry, Edwardian style, between the wars, post war revival, and a quick look at the future.

The authors have a comprehensive private collection of perambulators that date from before the Victorian era to the present day. Many are significant in permabulator history. They have studied their subject over many years and are well informed through research and actual contact with perambulators.

The Shire Permabulators book will be of interest to owners of historic prams, museums, toy collectors, history buffs, and moms everywhere. The illustrations are a special treat.

Published 10 July 2008
Shire Library #472
ISBN: 13.978 0 7478 0684 4
64 pages; 155 coloured illustrations
Available to order from Shire Books

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