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Woodworking Tools
by Philip Walker

A Shire Classics Book

Woodworking Tools courtesy the publisher From prehistoric times people have used wood to make houses, containers, vehicles and implements. For this reason the story of the tools and techniques with which people have learned to manipulate wood has special interest.

The basic types were already established in Roman times. Apart from any machinery, a Roman carpenter suddenly transported into a modern workshop would soon feel at home and be able to carry on his job.

This book gives an idea of what the basic woodworking tools were like in the main historical periods and shows something of the large variety of forms which these tools have taken at different times and in different places.

Author Philip Walker (deceased) served in the army and was a schoolteacher before settling in Suffolk, where he spent his time lecturing, writing and working in wood. In 1983 he founded the Tool and Trades History Society.

This book is of interest to tool collectors, anyone interested in historical restoration projects involving woodworking, museum collectors, and all tool enthusiasts and woodworkers.

Woodworking Tools
Shire Library 50; ISBN: 0 85263 501
32 pp; black and white illustrations
Available to order from Shire Books

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