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The Companion Guide to Ireland
by Brendan Lehane

The Companion Guide to Ireland The Companion Guide to Ireland is the latest in the exceptional series of Companion Guides published by Boydell and Brewer. Their high standards, detailed information, and editorial comments are without peer. They are written with wit, intelligence and true skill by highly knowledgeable persons conversant with their subject.

Brendan Lehane, author of The Companion Guide to Ireland, clearly fits this category. His keen eye and imaginative writing detail the history and sites of Ireland, bringing to life this diverse country with its mountains, seashore, islands, fjords, bogs, and villages. His knowledgeable observations open a window to the culture of the Irish, both current and past.

Scholarly attention to historical detail, from ancient times through the Vikings, Anglo-Normans, and Tudors fills in the background of the countryside, castles, and abbeys and how past history influenced the land we see today. Both the famous and the ordinary people are part of this well-researched book full of anecdotes, legends, and tales of heroes.

The author has divided the country into 18 areas, each with its own chapter and map. Particularly helpful is the bold printing of the name of each attraction, making it easy for the reader to spot the "must see" for the area. Informative appendices include sections on the history, language, climate, food and drink, a glossary, list of castles and gardens open, and events.

To quote the Companion Guides: "It is the aim of these guides to provide a Companion in the person of the author who knows intimately the places and people of whom he writes and is able to communicate this knowledge and affection to his readers."

The Guide's mission is exceeded in The Companion Guide to Ireland. It's a 'must have' for all travelers to Ireland. The author's love and intimate knowledge of his country shine in this book. Readable, entertaining, and comprehensive, the book is a fascinating read before, during, and after any visit to Ireland. And, even if you never go there, you will feel you visited with this Companion at your side.

Essential Information

Companion Guide to Ireland
Boydell and Brewer
536 pages
ISBN: 1 90063 934 3
Publication date: Revised Edition: 2001

PO Box 9
IP12 3DF
PO Box 41026
Rochester, NY
ISBN: 1-900639-38-6
Boydell and Brewer

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